10 Of The Coolest Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

Sports are an awesome thing that brings people together who wouldn’t normally be friends. Sports can unite people or divide them, and are entertaining, sometimes even controversial. When the word “sports” comes to mind, most people think of soccer, football, hockey, baseball – maybe even cricket. However, there are so many other sports that people don’t usually hear about. There are some unknown sports that involve things like camels and ferrets and other bizarre things! This list is a compilation of ten different sports that most people have not heard of – but they are really cool!

Underwater Hockey

This sport, called octopush, is literally just hockey, except it’s underwater in a pool. The players all get to wear scuba gear!

Man Vs. Horse

Every June in a Welsh town there is a competition where a man races a horse for 22 miles. It originated from an argument about whether a man could beat a horse or not.