10 Of The Biggest Screw Ups In History

‘Accidents happen’ is a saying that accident-prone individuals tend to spout from their mouths all too often after they destroy something that wasn’t theirs. Sometimes an accident seems incredibly small, almost like you can recuperate from it afterwards, but that isn’t always the case, unfortunately. Sometimes an accident can spitball and turn into a global catastrophe that is broadcast to the entire world via a news network. Accidents like that can never be lived down by anyone – man or company. Here are ten of the biggest screw ups in history.

Lake Peigneur

Until November 20, 1980, Lake Peigneur was just a 10-foot deep body of freshwater. However, a Texaco oil rig drilled into a mine udnerneath the lake, puncturing the roof and causing the lake to flood the entirety of the caverns.

World’s Oldest Tree

In 1964, Donald Rusk Currey was studying what is known as the Little Ice Age in the White Mountains of California. He was convinced the tree were very old, so he began taking core samples. One of the trees he cut down was over 5000 years, making it the world’s oldest tree. He destroyed it. Thankfully, a new tree was discovered in 2012.