10 Bizarre Mobile Phone Accessories You Can Buy

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Mobile phones are becoming an ever more important part in all of our lives. They have evolved from simple devices that can make calls and send messages to high-powered computers that are capable of carrying out thousands of different tasks. With such smartphones getting more and more abilities thanks to advancing technology and a huge array of apps, people have begun to design special accessories to help users take full advantage of features or to add further functionality. Many of these accessories make perfect sense, while others are simply bizarre.


Technically speaking, the Textees aren’t an accessory for a mobile phone but actually for a person. They are small pieces of rubber than fit onto a person’s thumb and allow them to text with much more precision than is normally possible. While this might be useful for those who find it difficult to press only one button at a time, they will make you look rather strange if you are constantly wearing them.

Handy Cover

This particular cover is available all around the world, though it is most popular in South Korea. Unlike other phone covers that are basically just cosmetic accessories, this one makes it look like you are holding a dismembered hand while on the phone. This would make it perfect for Halloween but gruesomely out of place at any other time of the year.

Ghost Strap

Baketan, a Japanese company, offers a wide range of special straps that can be attached to mobile phones that they claim can detect ghosts. According to the company, the equipment is able to warn users when ghosts are approaching and can even distinguish between evil spirits and those that are not any danger.

Retro Phone Case

Apparently, there are some people who would prefer that their modern smartphones looked more like the old cellular phones that were used in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Made especially for those people are cases for various devices such as iPhones, though they may well stop you from being able to carry them around with you.

Stuffed Toys

There is a huge market in South Korea for huge stuffs toys that can be attached to mobile phones, with them being particularly popular with teenagers. The accessories are so large they often make the phones unwieldy and stop them from being able to fit in pockets.


Although they aren’t specifically marketed as sex toys, these vibrators are definitely suspicious enough to be considered racy, especially as it is hard to imagine what else they could realistically be used for. Sold by Strapya for just $9.80, the vibrators come in a variety of different designs, including pickles and animals.

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is likely the most useful of all of the accessories on this list as it provides a valuable service. It isn’t exactly a portable piece of equipment though, so you won’t be able to take it around with you to use at any point. It’s also only available for Android devices, so iPhone users will have to do without.

USB Typewriter

While texting has become one of the most popular forms of communication, some people might want to go back to a more traditional form of communication in the form of a typewriter. For those people, it is possible to buy a USB powered typewriter that simply plugs into your phone or tablet and allows you to type in the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, it does cost a pricey $800, though.


Developed by a professor at Osaka University, the Hugvie is a small robot that has been designed to comfort people while they are talking on the phone. The idea is that when someone is talking to a loved one they can hug the soft pillow covered robot so that you can feel like you are bonding with them.

Screen Wiper

A major problem for many people is that when it rains it can be very tricky to use a mobile phone. The water gets on the screens and prevents it from working correctly as the touch sensors cannot distinguish between the rain and normal controls. The screen wiper stops this from happening and is powered by the phone’s own battery.