10 Bizarre Mobile Phone Accessories You Can Buy

Mobile phones are becoming an ever more important part in all of our lives. They have evolved from simple devices that can make calls and send messages to high-powered computers that are capable of carrying out thousands of different tasks. With such smartphones getting more and more abilities thanks to advancing technology and a huge array of apps, people have begun to design special accessories to help users take full advantage of features or to add further functionality. Many of these accessories make perfect sense, while others are simply bizarre.


Technically speaking, the Textees aren’t an accessory for a mobile phone but actually for a person. They are small pieces of rubber than fit onto a person’s thumb and allow them to text with much more precision than is normally possible. While this might be useful for those who find it difficult to press only one button at a time, they will make you look rather strange if you are constantly wearing them.

Handy Cover

This particular cover is available all around the world, though it is most popular in South Korea. Unlike other phone covers that are basically just cosmetic accessories, this one makes it look like you are holding a dismembered hand while on the phone. This would make it perfect for Halloween but gruesomely out of place at any other time of the year.