10 Of The Biggest Scientific Hoaxes Of All Time

Although people like to think of scientific investigation as being wholly objective, sadly there have been occasions in the past that the investigation has been biased by desires. Whether it is for fortune, fame, or just to mislead, some individuals will sometimes go to great lengths to cheat the world. Here are 10 of the biggest scientific hoaxes of all time. Maybe this can serve as a cue that a few scientific discoveries should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Great Moon Hoax

Back in 1835, many articles were published by the daily newspaper New York Sun that claimed that Sir John Herschel had made some remarkable space discoveries using new telescopic methods. The article claimed that the moon’s surface was covered with blue unicorns, herds of bison and lilac colored pyramids. Afterwards, it was discovered that the article was a hoax and Sir John Herschel himself was not aware of the claims being attributed to him.

The Lying Stones

Johann Beringer found well-preserved fossils of spiders, birds and lizards in 1726. After publishing many articles on the subject, it was determined that Beringer’s nasty friends had hidden the objects there intentionally to ruin his reputation.