10 Countries That Are Known For Beautiful Women

Women are truly one of nature’s greatest creations. They are the source of all life and are the only way to perpetuate our species. They are also the perfect example of beauty and form and make life quite incredibly exciting for the weaker sex. Women look different in different parts of the world as well, with some parts of the world producing women with extremely distinct and appealing features. Certain parts of the world are even fact known for the beauty of their women. This list includes 10 countries that are famous for producing some of the most beautiful women in the world.


Italian women are considered to be one of the classiest and most stylish women in the world. They certainly know how to carry themselves, and Italian model Cristina Chiabotto is a great example of this.


The British gene pool is extremely diverse at this point and is one of the biggest reasons why British women look so distinctly different. They are also known for being well-educated, classy and well-mannered. Helen Flanagan is one of the most beautiful modern British women.