20 Signs That You’re Really, Really Posh

For most of us, indulging in fine dining and going on blowout holidays is something that we do very rarely in our lives. Our childhood was a series of bad haircuts and even worse school dances and we didn’t exactly adjust gracefully into the world of adulthood. For others, though, things are a little different. There are a group of people out there who are undeniably posh and try as they might, they can’t hide it from the rest of us. But how do you know if you belong to the elite? Have no fear, we’ve taken a look at the other side and have all the information you ever need in order to spot a posh person.

You Call Champagne “Champers”

If champagne isn’t served at a bar, then there’s no way you will even step foot inside. Anyone who doesn’t understand why champers is necessary is not really worth wasting any time on.

You Wear Red Trousers

Blue jeans died a long time ago and if you haven’t completed your look with a pair of red trousers, the people around you know that something is wrong. Red just seems so much more fitting for someone of your status.

You Own 20 Different Track Suits

You have a separate wardrobe dedicated to your track suits and whilst others might scoff at your preference for comfort, the fact is that they’re all made of the finest, hand-spun cashmere. No chafing for you.

You Own A Gazebo

When you think of people who don’t own a gazebo, you let out a little shudder. You can think of nothing better than sipping a glass of champers under a gazebo and watching the world go by.