10 Locations As Weird As The Bermuda Triangle

Every single person on this planet has heard the stories of the Bermuda Triangle and all of the mystery and disappearances surrounding that fateful area of the ocean. Theories about what occurs have run wild, with some claiming it is a place where time passes differently, while others claim that alien abductions happen there. Others claim that there is some type of strange sea monster lurching under the water and swallowing entire planes and boats whole. There are other weird places in the world that people ignore, though. Here are ten locations as weird as the Bermuda Triangle.

Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is home to a massive goldmine discovered during the 1800s. According to the first-hand accounts, spirits haunt those mines, forcing everyone out.

South Atlantic Anomaly

Apparently, the South Atlantic Anomaly is known for being the space version of the Bermuda Triangle. All types of problems occur with various satellites and spacecraft traveling through the region. NASA even shuts down the Hubble Telescope before it passes through the region to avoid any long-term issues.