10 Kind Acts from The Unlikeliest Of Heroes

Even in our darkest hours, people rise to the plate to do the right thing. There is always a candle even in the darkest space. Some of those who do good are the last person we would expect to do so. When a group of people does evil, not all members of the group are always compliant. There are always people who are members of a group on the wrong side of history, but they try to do good. Here are ten examples of just that.

Slave-Owners That Freed Their Slaves Before 1861

There were a few notable slave-owners who freed their slaves well before the start of the Civil War.

One of the most notable was Robert Carter III who freed his slaves in the 1770’s, almost a hundred years before the war that would ultimately end slavery. Because of opposition from his family, he ended up only freeing 15 a year until they were gone.

Unlike many owners who freed their slaves, he did not burden them with debt nor did he overcharge them to lease land. He also wrote a stipulation in his will so that his family members couldn’t undo his good work after his death.

The Nazi Declared Righteous By Jews

Zoltan Kubinyi was odd from the first day of Nazi-occupation of his native Hungary. He was a conscientious-objector who refused to carry a gun. He was a devout Seventh Day Adventist. You would imagine someone like him being sent off to the labor camps, but he was in charge of one of them.

He was known for being kind to the Jews sent to his camp. He allowed them to celebrate their holy days and sneaked them extra food so they wouldn’t starve to death.

But his kindness didn’t end there. Toward the end of the war, when he was ordered to send all of them to the gas chambers, he marched them the other way to safety. He died in anonymity, but he is now listed as one of the Righteous Among the Nations in the world-famous Yad Vashem museum commemorating the Holocaust.