10 Ironic And Hilariously Misspelled Protest Signs

You’re angry about something the government or the President has done and you feel as though you have to make sure your voice is heard. You also feel as though the best way to make sure your voice is heard is to march around Washington, or your home town, or someone else’s town, with a sign that quickly and clearly shows exactly what you are angry about. There’s just one thing you should make sure to do if you are one of those protesters. Double check you actually spelled all the words on your protest sign correctly. There is nothing that will undercut your argument faster than calling someone a Muslin, when you meant to call them a Muslim. Call someone a moron, and misspelling the insult doesn’t work that well either. Check out these 10 most hilariously misspelled political protest signs and let us know if you’ve seen any of them in action.

The Guy Who Called People Morans

The first rule of protesting is that you don’t get to call people names and insinuate they’re dumb, if you have problems spelling some pretty basic words. This sign has become an Internet sensation because of its misspelling of morons.

Calculus is Easy, Spelling is Hard

Another rule of protesting is if you are going to pretend to find something like Calculus easy, you might want to make sure you know how to spell it. Spelling impossible, is apparently just as hard as figuring out tax forms for this protester.