10 Interesting Ways To Use Coffee

If you’re a certified addict of coffee, chances are you will find any and every way to incorporate coffee into your every day life. Some people enjoy multiple cups of coffee each day and just can’t live without their freshly brewed cup of Joe. But have you have thought about the other uses for coffee besides drinking it? We’ve composed a list of interesting and different ways you can use coffee in your everyday life besides consuming the caffeinated drink, so without further adieu, here are ten awesome ways to use coffee!

Freshen Your Car

You can keep your car smelling fresh and odor free just by using a can of coffee. All you have to do is place a small open container filled with fresh ground coffee beans in your car and the fresh coffee beans will absorb any strong, horrible odors in your.

Fertilize Plants

If you somehow run out of plant fertilizer, use coffee! The coffee will help neutralize the soil and allow your plants to grow.