10 Insanely Weird Contact Lenses

Whether you have impaired vision or not, you might have considered putting on contact lenses at least once in your life. However, while changing the color of your eyes is rather normal, using weird contact lenses to change your appearance and to stand out of the crowd is quite the bizarre choice. As the number of people wanting to express themselves with the help of contact lenses is ever growing, so is the market as new design options are added almost every week. Without further adieu here are 10 of the most insanely bizarre contact lenses you can actually buy.

Black Dots Contact Lenses

Appearing as if your eyes has a ton of tiny irises in it, this contact lens is simply bizarre.

The Dior Eyes

Made by John Galliano and taking branding to a whole new level, the gold-encrusted Dior eyes have the purpose of presenting the world through the Galliano vision.

The Binoculars Contact Lenses

Although they are currently still a prototype, the binoculars contact lenses will give people supervision, enhancing and zooming on every image they see. Freaky!

The ‘Be Happy!’ Lenses

If you want to look like a true psychopath, look no further than the ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy!’ contact lenses.

Cat Eyes

Although this isn’t that far out of the ordinary, the Cat Eyes Contact lenses are still quite bizarre, especially having in mind the fact that they are a growing trend and some consider them ‘sexy.’

The Red-Eyes Contact Lenses

If you want to always look sick and tired, then these angry red-eyes contact lenses would be your perfect choice.

The Sports Enhancement Eyewear

Contact lenses are not only used for enhancing your experience or making it more disturbing. They also help out some of the top sports players by giving them an advantage. For example, bikers wear orange colored lenses to be able to better see the glaring road.

Total Blackout

Whether you’d want this for a Halloween costume or for your everyday trip to the store, depending on your style, these contact lenses definitely close ‘the window to your soul’ to open the total darkness inside you.

The Diamond Contact Lenses

Created by Chandrashekhar Chawan and costing as much as $15,000, the diamond encrusted contact lenses use Scleral lense technology to help you put real diamonds inside your eyes. If this isn’t sparkly enough, we don’t know what is!

3D Vision Contact Lenses

If you want to be able to see any 3D movie, which is made with the old red and cyan technology, then forget wearing 3D Cardboard glasses and put the colors in your eyes instead, with these wonderful 3D Vision Contact Lenses!