10 Insane Forms Of Martial Arts You Don’t Know Of

Hollywood has portrayed a wide variety of martial arts, especially from the likes of Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris. These are some of the action stars in the entire world, and yet they barely scratch the surface of the world of martial arts. Even the most popular of mixed martial arts cannot stand up to some of the combat moves being thrown around throughout the world. Despite these movies showing off cool moves, most people don’t know of a lot of different styles. Here are ten completely crazy martial arts you don’t know of.


Bokator is a type of Cambodian martial arts that was used by the armies of Angkor many years ago. The style translates to “pounding a lion,” and refers to an ancient story of a man facing off against a killer lion. Knee-strikes are favored.

Rough and Tumble

Rough and Tumble sounds old-school, and that is because it truly is. Basically, this is the type of martial arts fighting that occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries in the south of the United States. Gouging was often used, specifically in the eyes.