10 Indestructible Items Human Kind Created

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Not everything is indestructible, but certain things created by man kind have been found to be nearly so. It is almost impossible to destroy some watches, which can survive the blast of a bomb, and some homes have been designed to withstand 300 mile per hour hurricanes, and even some vehicle tires will never pop. Don’t you just wish everything was created like that? We surely do. Here are ten items you probably never knew about that are quite indestructible.

Indestructible Books

Indestructible Books were first designed with children in mind. These novels are made of paper-like material that may not be ripped, torn, or punctured. Additionally, the books are completely waterproof and non-toxic.

Indestructible ‘One World Futbol’

Made of a unique foam-like material, the Indestructible ‘One World Futbol’ never deflates, even after being punctured multiple times with a sharp object. Soccer teams use it for practice often.

Indestructible Business Cards

Are you a high class businessman who needs to impress the local clients? These Indestructible Business Cards are completely waterproof and tear-proof, ensuring they can even be stored in an entire glass of water.

Polaris ‘Never Flat’ tire

Made of plastic honeycombs, the Polaris ‘Never Flat’ tire is surrounded by a thickened band of rubber tread. These vehicle tires are so durable that they can withstand a shot from a .50 caliber bullet and still travel for another 5,000 miles.

Bullet Proof Suit

Straight out of a spy movie, the $20,000 Bullet proof suit, the Garrison Bespoke “armored business suit,” can withstand a full-on firearm assault. It is made of the same carbon nanotubes used by US troops in Iraq.

Indestructible Laptop

Used by the military, construction crews, and anyone working in dangerous environments, the Panasonic Indestructible Laptop can withstand being dropped, stepping on, submerged, burned, or even buried in the sand for extended periods of time.

Indestructible Toilet Seat

We’re not quite sure why you would need this, but National Hospitality Supply recently announced their Indestructible Toilet Seat. The seat does not discolor, is completely resistant to stains, and is made of a one-piece construction that is nearly indestructible.

Indestructible Truck

The Toyota Hilux has often been called the indestructible truck, as it has proven its ability to endure the most extreme conditions, including a trek across Antarctica, spanning over 6,000 miles, without wearing out.

Bullet Proof Kimono

While highly ugly, the Bullet proof kimono, designed by Miya Ando, is a piece of Japanese culture, and is made of stainless steel plates and sterling silver rings. The first one in the world is estimated to be worth around $250,000.

Hercules Sunglasses

Hercules Sunglasses are both stylish and indestructible. The owner can bend them, sit on them, kick them, run them over with anything, including a firetruck, and they still function properly and appear like the first day you bought them.