10 Inappropriate T-Shirts That You Should Not Wear To School

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Fashion is one those facets of life that you know is extremely fickle. Trying to keep up with fashion is like being a dog and chasing after your own tail – it is a never ending errand. Something that is always out of style are t-shirts that with silly slogans on it. They have pretty much been done to death, but they just keep coming. Sleazy t-shirt slogans are still pretty popular too, but wearing them to school is definitely not a good idea. Here is a list of 10 t-shirts that you should not wear anywhere near a school.

Huge Pen

Is you pen really huge? Or are you just holding it up next to a small piece of paper?


This shirt has a very simple and straight-forward message. The only problem is that it would look extremely creepy if a 12-year-old was wearing this shirt.

Dying Student

Sure, all students are dying on the inside. It is mostly due to confusion and loneliness, not because of excessive studying.

Growing, Growing, Gone!

This shirt is equal parts funny and insensitive. Well, maybe its more insensitive than funny. Either way, you should not be wearing this to school.

Child Of The Future

Yes you are extremely future, but that shirt is actually dead and buried in the past.

Lumps And Bumps

It is great that you want to spread awareness about cancer from an early age. Just know that it is okay for the message to not rhyme.

Trophy Wife

Knowing where you are heading in life is very important. Knowing that you will be a trophy wife someday is actually quite disturbing.

Clueless Dad

Sure your parents think you are just a child. Ruining their innocence while using a t-shirt is actually a cruel way to burst the bubble.

Jail Time

Teasing adults about having sex with an under-age person is actually quite sadistic. Sure they would go to jail for this, but only if they get caught.

Too Pretty For Homework

You are not too pretty for homework. The word is actually stupid. You are too stupid for homework, but I’m sure you already knew that.