10 Inappropriate T-Shirts That You Should Not Wear To School

Fashion is one those facets of life that you know is extremely fickle. Trying to keep up with fashion is like being a dog and chasing after your own tail – it is a never ending errand. Something that is always out of style are t-shirts that with silly slogans on it. They have pretty much been done to death, but they just keep coming. Sleazy t-shirt slogans are still pretty popular too, but wearing them to school is definitely not a good idea. Here is a list of 10 t-shirts that you should not wear anywhere near a school.

Huge Pen

Is you pen really huge? Or are you just holding it up next to a small piece of paper?


This shirt has a very simple and straight-forward message. The only problem is that it would look extremely creepy if a 12-year-old was wearing this shirt.