10 Impressive Tips To Survive A Shipwreck

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Surviving through a massive shipwreck can sometimes leave someone scarred for the rest of their life, and that is assuming they actually survive long enough to be rescued by the Coast Guard or a passing fishing boat, which could be a miracle in some parts of the ocean. Many survivors end up floating in the middle of the ocean on a life raft or chunks or debris, but some do end up on deserted islands, just like in the movies. It doesn’t really matter where you end up, as you are alone and without food for a long period of time. Here are ten impressive tips to help keep you alive.

Read, Read, Read

Reading the instructions on almost every piece of survival and travel gear you own and regularly operate can save your life. This goes double when you are traveling by boat, especially your own boat. Read every relevant piece you can.

Drink Up

In order to prevent your body from wasting away into absolutely nothing and you losing your life, be sure to drink. However, don’t just drink anything you can. For example, do not drink your own urine or the sea water surrounding you, as sea water will only make you become dehydrated quicker.

Spiked Food

Simply put: do not eat any form of jellyfish or any type of fish that has spikes. Continuing with that same trend, avoid fish that have parrot-like beaks or that puff up like balloons, as these are dangerous or deadly.

Eye Fight

If you really need to face off against a fish of some kind, or perhaps require some sustenance, then pressing on the eyes of a fish will paralyze them for a short period of time. If you can manage this, then you can have food for quite some time.


The body is resilient and will fight off anything it possibly can, including physical injuries. If you, as a shipwreck survivor, are injured, be sure to gain medical treatment as quickly as possible. Even with the machine-like body being what it is, ignoring an injury is life-threatening.


If you survived a shipwreck, then chances are your body has taken some type of a toll. In order to prevent any worsening of your current condition, be sure to put your feet up for at least 5 minutes out of every single hour. This will help, believe it or not.


If you can help it, avoid any unnecessary exertion, as it is simply putting more strain on the body than what you need to be going through. When your mind goes idle, simply sing or play cards, twenty questions, or any other travel-type game.

Water Types

Anyone who has become stranded while in the ocean or on an island should know that green water is far more shallow than blue water. This little tidbit of knowledge could potentially save your life from drowning or deep-sea predators.

Avoid Swimming

If you can, try to avoid swimming under any circumstances. Swimming, simply put, just wastes energy that you may not have an excess of. A survival craft may seem slow, but it can actually drift faster than you are capable of swimming.


Turtles are quite slow, which makes them an easy catch and perfect for quick meals. The blood of a turtle is nutritious, and contains a salt-free drink. Their fleshy meat is tasty and full of healthy fats. Avoid the beak and claws, though.