10 Hilariously Disturbing Panorama Fails You Have To See

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Nowadays, we live for pictures, there’s people taking selfies constantly and others taking pictures of their children 24/7, but we barely ever see people taking panorama’s of others unless it has something to do with the nature, such as the sky being a beautiful color. We’ve never really seen any disturbing pictures of people on panorama’s because no one ever looks at someone and thinks ‘you know what? That person would look great in a panorama’. Well, it seems like these people did, check out this list of 10 hilariously disturbing panorama fails!


This panorama makes it look as if there are feet that are growing into being a human.

Cut In Half

This poor child look like he’s been cut in half.

Two Legged Dog

We have heard of dogs with two legs, but he doesn’t even have a body.

Long Arm

Want to punch someone that’s too far away? Just use the panorama feature on your camera.

Whatcha Thinking?

If a third hand came out just cause he wanted to keep his other two arms crossed, that would be freaky.

Maybe She’s A Gremlin?

This panorama has made it look as if the girl is some sort of Gremlin.

Two Legged Horse

How is the horse even strong enough to hold himself up, let alone the rider?

No Body

People look very strange without a body.

Nice Face

This guy looks like he’s had his face swapped with…. we don’t know.

Human Centipede

This has to be one of the most disturbing panorama ever!