10 Hilarious Notes From Strangers

Have you ever walked out to your car and found a note on the windshield? Usually the note isn’t going to be remotely funny. Instead the note will likely just be taking care of business. Other times, the people that leave the notes have a pretty decent sense of humor and they even manage to make people who should be otherwise angry laugh if the note is done right. Even if those people don’t find it all that funny, we certainly do. Check out our list of 10 notes from strangers who brought the funny and let us know which one of those stand out as the best to you.

We Can Support This Stance

There is literally no one who ever wants to touch “questionably moist” money. You’re lying if you say it doesn’t bother you.

That’s Gotta Be Embarassing

One has to wonder just what the neighbors in this area thought if they found a note saying how much the guy loved them. It had to be epic.