10 Hilarious DIY Fails That Will Make You Cringe

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DIY or “Fix It Yourself” ideas and projects are definitely not suited for everyone, especially if the damage is big and the repairs necessary are extensive. In that case, it’s better to give the money to the tool man and get it done properly, otherwise you may end up with a pretty spectacularly failed DIY that people like us will feature in lists of the most hilarious DIY fails. So here are ten cases where people got it completely wrong and completely ruined their DIY projects… all for you to laugh at!

The Beer Mug

It’s all fun and games until the handle breaks

Extra Razor

We’re assuming this individual no longer has the part for the razor you hold, but props to him for coming up with a cringe-inducing solution!

Toilet Basketball

As long as the ball fits?

Coin Stamp

We’re not really sure this is how it’s done.

Double Soap

When you can’t fill the soap box, you can tape another soap to it.

Bacon Iron

Although gross, this might actually work.

Iron Coffee Maker

When you don’t own a stove, this might be the only way to get your coffee fix in the morning. We’re not sure what the sneaker’s part is, though.

Modern Wonders

Everything to make the kids keep quiet.

Double Bike

Double the bike, double the fun (and danger!).

Cement Glue

Maybe they should have used a stapler instead?