10 Astounding Fairytale-Like European Castles And Chateaus

Noble seats of kings, symbols of power and impregnable strongholds, the European castles and chateaus were once a place that was much more than just a well-visited tourist spot. The mystery and beauty that surrounds them can be felt even today when visiting these places, and Europe is thought to have the most impressive castles in the world. These castles are where you should go if you’re seeking to discover your inner Disney princess. Here’s ten astounding castles that will provide you with a crazy good fairytale-like experience.

Chateau De Chillon, Switzerland

Chateau De Chillon consists of a hundred smaller castles, all linked together. It sits pretty on Lake Geneva.

Chateau De Chambord, France

One of the largest chateaus in the world is definitely the one in Loire Valley called Chateau De Chambord. Walking the halls will leave you feeling like a true queen or king.