10 Hilarious And Quirky Job Offer Signs

The job market is quite a complex place at this point in time. There are more qualified people entering the market than there are jobs available for them, creating a truly unprecedented unemployment crisis. With outsourcing and migration thrown in the mix, it has become very difficult to secure a long term job for yourself unless you are truly exceptional. This is why we see so many help wanted signs around the place. Some of these signs are actually quite funny and this list features 10 of the quirkiest help wanted signs ever spotted.

Life Is A Grind

These guys know what they are talking about. There is clearly no escaping your bum of a boyfriend, so you might as well get a decent job.

Now Firing

At least you know that this company respects its employees very much.

Let’s Taco About It

It is always great to see a big corporation not take itself too seriously.

Best Job Ever

If I ever saw this sign, I would be inside this sewer before you could say the word ‘Pizza’.

Must Have Clue

It’s always great to hire employees who have a clue instead of those who just rented a clue for the occasion.

Dominate English Language

Dominate is quite a strong word to use in this context. Clearly the person who made this sign has a few domination issues with the language themselves.

Now Hiring Because Of Dave

It is quite sad that they didn’t even space out the two messages in this scenario.

More Than NYPD

The cops patrolling this area must not have been very pleased with this sign, and you don’t want to mess with the Po-Po.

Be Sirius Please

There must be only a handful of guys named Sirius in a city right?

Piano Player Wanted

Piano players are obviously very good with their hands and opening clams must not be a problem for them whatsoever.