10 Haunted Castles That Are Too Scary To Enter

There are thousands upon thousands of haunted locations throughout the world, at least many tourism boards want you to think these locales are completely haunted with ghosts and evil spirits. Some of the castles featured on this list have been known for being haunted, and some people have even recorded ghostly presences and happenings throughout the halls and various rooms. Unexplained sounds, disturbing sights, and more are sure to scare many people away. Here are ten of the most haunted castles in the entire world.

Frankenstein Castle, Germany

Frankenstein Castle has become famous since the tales from the Gothic novel became so wildly known. The Ghost Hunters International team has proven there is some form of paranormal activity going on within these halls.

Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle, built by the Irish O’Bannon clan within the 13th century, has a long, bloody past behind it. Known for a brutal fratricide in the castle’s chapel, known as the Bloody Chapel, the castle was used as a prisoner holding ground and execution area.