10 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About Black Friday

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The birth of the mall culture changed the world forever. People have slowly become addicted to shopping and this phenomenon has now reached a crescendo with the internet age. It is now easier than ever to shop thanks to the internet and smartphones. Retail stores had to pull out all the stops to buck the tide which is what gave rise to black Fridays. Black Friday sales are more popular than ever now and this list features 10 things you probably didn’t know about the event.

More Than Just Shopping

According to a recent survey, Black Friday is more than just shopping for people who participate in the occasion. People enjoy the thrill, mayhem and the opportunity to get what they want before anyone else.

Time To Camp

People camp out for nearly two weeks in order to get the best deals on Black Friday.

Stay Away From Toys

Try to refrain from buying toys on Black Friday if you are really looking for a good deal. The best discounts for toys come around during Christmas.

Black Friday Online

Nearly 30% of the people still shop online during Black Fridays.

No Returns

Some retailers try to fool customers with fine print. They do not offer proper returns and only offer store credit instead.

Changing It Up

In order to beat their competition, certain retailers have begun to start their sales on Thursday nights instead of Friday mornings.

Prepare For Danger

Being out on Black Friday can be dangerous. A lot of store employees and shoppers have been stampeded on and injured over the years. Even Walmart has seen these horrific incidents on the occasion.

Massive Crowds

Nearly 135 million people shop on Black Friday each year. No wonder so many stampedes also break out on the occasion.

People Enjoy The Mayhem

Despite all the craziness surrounding the occasion, over 55% of the people still enjoy shopping on Black Friday.

Still Not The Best

Thanksgiving is still not the busiest shopping day of the year. That honor is reserved for the night before Christmas.