10 Facts About Deserts That You Might Find Hard To Believe

A desert is a barren region of land where very little precipitation happens and as a consequence living conditions are unfriendly for animal and plant life. The absence of vegetation exposes the ground surface to the denudation processes. About 1/3 of the land surface of the world is semi-dry or dry. It includes most of the polar areas where little precipitation happens and that are occasionally called cold deserts or polar deserts. This list contains 10 facts about deserts that you might find hard to believe.

Telephone Booth

A telephone booth was placed in California’s Mojave Desert in the 1960s for no obvious reason at all. It was 15 miles from the nearest buildings and paved roads.


A young boy named Hadara was separated from his parents in the Sahara desert at two years of age and was raised by ostriches for a period of 10 years.