10 Extremely Unusual Weapons From Ancient History

Modern weapons have evolved into precise and effective killing machines that are capable of killing hundreds of soldiers or wiping out huge buildings in just a few seconds. The latest nuclear bombs and biochemical devices are able to lay to waste entire cities in an instant. While those in ancient times did not have access to such destructive weapons, they still fought in wars and battles and needed the means to defend themselves. Without the modern technology we have today, designers and blacksmiths had to find ever more ingenious ways to create the ultimate weapon for their armies.


The Haladie was the preferred weapon of choice for the India Rajput clans, giving the warriors a deadly and exotic weapon to use against their enemies. The special design included two large blades on either side of the handle that made it perfect for both stabbing and slicing, while some examples even included spikes on the handle so that it could be used as a knuckleduster.

Chu Ko Nu

Although it may look like an ordinary crossbow, the Chinese made Chu Ko Nu weapon is actually far more deadly. It acted in a similar way to a modern machine gun, allowing the user to fire the weapon continuously without the need to reload after every shot. The large wooden box contained around 15 bolts that would automatically fall into place after the previous one was fired, giving it the chance to fire almost every second.