10 Everyday Things That Can Be More Dangerous Than Sharks

It is a mystery than some people live past the age of 100, considering how many dangerous things exist all around us. Life can be full of perils if you are the glass-half-empty kind of person, and just an ordinary day can be filled with risk. Most people believe that sharks are extremely deadly and that they claim the lives of a lot of people each year, but that is not true. Shark attacks are extremely rare, and an average American citizen has only a one in 3.7 million chance of getting attacked by one. In fact, this list features 10 everyday things that can be more dangerous than shark attacks, just to throw some perspective on this situation. The purpose of this is to not make you scared of these everyday objects, but to make you less afraid of the lead actor from Jaws.

Mobile Phones

While the wrong text sent to the wrong person can be pretty damaging, texting and driving is a lot worse. More than 6,000 people lose their lives due to this every year, accounting for nearly a quarter of all auto collisions in America.


Only one American loses their life due to shark attacks every year. Nearly 26 people lose their life while moving furniture and being crushed by some heavy object.