10 Epic News Broadcasting Fails That Will Make You LOL

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Newscast reporters are thought to be dependable people as many people rely on them to provide them with the information on what’s currently happening in the world. However, the news business is extremely competitive and fast, therefore mistakes happen quite often. Most of them end up with a ridiculous result that will make you cackle out loud. Here’s ten of the most epic new broadcasting fails that make you wonder how is it that the editors missed them in the first place. Get ready for a good laugh!

Man Killed To Death

We’d really like to know how else you can get killed.

He’s Good At Golf

Can you believe this? Tiger Woods is actually good at golf!

Obama Bin Laden

Fox40 being incredibly accurate as ever. And offensive, too.

6 balls

We kind of want to bet this was intentional.

The question at hand — Did the reporter run to Madagascar after the news broadcast ended?

George Bush

That’s one flattering photo, Mr. President.

Bin Laden

This conclusion must have been a hell of a time-consuming time to come up with.

Drink & Drive

This message is kind of irresponsible, don’t you think so Sky II editing team?

Name Here

Guess they never found out that name.


The editing assistant at this broadcasting news channel must be really skilled at captioning. Reminds us of the way we all name photos when downloading them to our computers.