10 Disturbing Facts About Death You Never Knew

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Death is a pretty morbid subject in today’s world, but it is one that we cannot avoid, as everyone is going to die at some point in their lives. You really have to stop and face the facts, though, as there really is no escaping the inevitable. The chances of passing in a variety of ways, the traditions that occur every single day when someone does pass, and the downright creepy facts regarding death are all things people tend to ignore whenever possible. There are a lot of factors when it comes to dying. Here are ten disturbing facts about death you should know.

Eaten Alive

Upon dying, your body begins to make some changes. Three days after passing, your digestive enzymes begin to consume your dead body.

Six-Feet Under

People have been burying their deceased in six-foot holes for the past 350,000 years. That doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Dead Population

Death is becoming a massive business. Throughout history, over 100 billion people have died, and that number continues to grow annually.

NYC Stats

Sadly, New York City is not only known for being an incredible metropolis. The city has had more deaths by suicide than they have had by murder.

Happy Days

On any given day of the year, around 153,000 people are dying or have died due to varying causes and circumstances.

Every single year, thanks to the poor penmanship of some doctor in the world, around 7,000 people die because their medicine is mixed up or their medical instructions are unclear.


Left-handed people are said to die about 3 years earlier than those who are right-handed, on average. You should think about switching hands more often.

The Ears

After you die, your senses will begin to shut off one-by-one. The last sense in your body to shut down completely is your hearing. That means your brain continues to listen to what is happening around you.

That’s Coconuts!

Believe it or not, more people die after being struck on the top of the head by a coconut every single year than by being attacked and bitten by a shark while swimming.

Drunk Driving

In a highly shocking and disturbing statistic, one person is killed every single hour within the United States thanks to the antics of a drunk driver.