Top 20 LOL & WTF Animal Pictures Ever Captured

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Nature comes up with some really strange creatures. And sometimes the creatures themselves present us with opportunities to laugh out loud and get into a better mood—all because some animal was making a silly face. Of course, some of those animals are just downright cute and silly at the same time. Whether cute and silly or seriously freaky and huge, sometimes “Funny & Weird” is Mother Nature’s near-permanent modus operandi. The “funny” is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

Mr. Turtle Escapes

Who knows where this guy was going, but he clearly wanted to be on the other side of the fence. The grass is always greener, right?

Smart Deer…Stupid Human

Anyone who’s gone hunting, or knows someone who hunts will definitely relate to this pic. You leave your food containers open and what do you know: other hungry critters decide to chow down.

Orangutans and Watermelon

It seems not even our genetic cousins can’t leave the deliciousness of watermelon alone. Not that you’d blame them, of course.

Monkey Decides To Imbibe

Well, we all know who’s going to be dancing around with a plant leaf on their head later, just because they had a little too much human booze to drink.

Meditating Lemur

This picture is a classic, having made quite a few rounds on the internet, so it’s earned a place on this list. You can’t get too much sillier than a lemur in this exact position, so you might as well relax and chant with him: “Ohmmmmm.”

Mata Mata Turtle

Another turtle in the group, and this guy looks like the first turtle’s rather edgy older brother. Have you ever seen a turtle with this freakish sort of head?


Manatees are on this list because they are rather funny-looking, but they’re also playful and curious. Best of both worlds, huh?

Macaque With Pringles

“You never can eat just one.” And Mr. Macaque has decided he wants ’em all. But you’d think that as long as he’s going to stuff his face, you’d think he’d turn around and look at that magnificent view.

Hairy Frog Fish

It’s not exactly legendary, like a shark or even a puffer fish, but this is a hairy frog fish. Yep, Mother Nature makes some really strange creatures.

Goat Stuck In a Chair

While you can’t blame the goat for wanting to sit down and relax the human way, this guy had better just stick to laying in the barn or in a field.

Fuzzy White Moth

This has to be one of the largest, fuzziest moths ever recorded, let alone held. Can you imagine the caterpillar this guy—or gal—came from? It must have been huge!


While that’s not actually the type of fish these are, it certainly makes you wonder if these guys will ever appear in an underwater version of some dramatic Broadway musical.

Dog Feeding a Lamb

Some dogs herd sheep. Others, like this one, feed the lambs till they’re big enough to be herded.

Chinese Water Deer

It’s the only known deer to have tusks, but this only served to earn it the nickname of “Vampire Deer,” as you can easily see. How the heck does this guy even eat?

Cat Chillin’ By a Curb

Only the Most Interesting Cat In the World would do something like this. “I don’t always lean on curbs, but when I do, its to stare at people and get them to rub my bell and /feed me treats.”

Blue Slug

This little-known slug looks like a crazy mini-dragon, but it lives at the bottom of the sea. Its main prey? The Portuguese Man-o-War, an extremely poisonous jellyfish. So, maybe it’s part dragon, since it’s so fierce.

Big Hare, Little Pup

Who wants to see this pup do its utmost to chase this truly humongous hare when the hare decides it’s had enough of the a puppy on its back?

Lion, Tiger, Bear Best Friends

This image has gone around the internet enough that it deserves a place on this list. So, if you’re not sure why they’re not fighting, it’s because they’ve been raised together since they were cubs. Adorable, right?

Bear Sticks Out Tongue

Why? It could be any reason. Perhaps he had that one last jalapeno popper from a human’s ‘pic-a-nic’ basket, and it was was too much. Where’s the water? Anything to cool the burn!

“Bambi n Thumper”

It would appear the classic animated movie has come to life, at least for this one beautiful, adorably funny moment. After all, here are just a couple of herbivores hanging out in the winter snow, looking for food. Everything’s completely normal—right?