10 Creative Prom Dresses That Are Truly Unique

Ah, Prom! A high point for every high school student, the prom is a place where everyone comes together to celebrate and show off their social status by wearing the most stylish of wear. From putting on trendy designer dresses to going with casual wear to send a message, students go on to express themselves in the most interesting ways. However, there are those who go above and beyond in their creativity and manage to come up with the craziest ideas for prom wear. And while almost every time things end up in a disastrous of failures, there are those rare occasions where the unique meets the truly beautiful. Without further adieu, here are 10 creative prom dresses that are truly unique and beautiful.

The Candy-Filled Dress

What are you going to say about a dress filled with candies? A dream? This girl certainly goes to show that dreams can easily come true!

The Bubble Wrap Dress

What a better way to go to prom than wrapping yourself around with one of the best packaging materials? There certainly isn’t one!