20 Struggles Of Brits Who Study In America

For many people around the world, living in the United States of America is the dream. Home of the free, land of the super-sized portions, most people have dreamed about visiting the international behemoth at least once in their lives. There are some, however, that manage to go one better. Each year, a handful of British students manage to wangle their way into a study abroad program and, as September rolls around, board a plane to the new world.

If you’re one of these Brits, then congratulations — you made it. Pretty soon, though, you might start to realize that life is a little different in America than it is back home and you might just feel a little out of place. The US is great, yes, but when you’re a Brit abroad, there are a whole load of struggles you didn’t even see coming.

Trying To Get Used To Your New University

Before you first arrive, you’re so caught up in the fact that you’re moving to America, you don’t even stop to think about your university. American colleges are a whole world apart from those in the UK and if you think that you know what’s coming, you’re really clueless.

Having To Share A Room With A Stranger

UK universities might be smaller, but at least they come with the dignity of giving you your own space. In America, the motto is “the more the merrier” and if you thought that you would be getting any privacy on your year abroad, think again.

Being Mocked Every Time You Open Your Mouth

Even though you don’t consider yourself to have an accent, people in America think a lot differently and as soon as you open you mouth, you will be subjected to taunting and teasing. Prepare to get very self-conscious about the way you pronounce “bottle”.

Forcing Down Sub-Par Alcohol

Let’s face it; alcohol in America just isn’t the same as it is back at home. With everyone on some kind of weird fad diet, all drinks taste like a semblance of their former selves. You’re just going to have to get used to lite beer; no-one drinks anything else.