10 Crazy Things Only Found In Space

The universe is a gigantic place, so big that we’ve barely even scratched the surface. We know about our solar system, how many planets are in it — even though scientists can’t even keep that number steady. But have you ever wondered about the universe outside our solar system? The sun is a pretty big celestial object — but did you know there are stars out there that are over 1,500 times the size of our sun? Read on to find out more interested facts about the universe.

16 Psyche

The 16 Psyche was discovered in 1852, and is found to be one of the largest metal asteroids known to man. However, unlike most other metal asteroids, Psyche shows absolutely no sign of water and is believed to have a purely iron-nickel composition.

Red Dwarf

Making up three quarters of the stars in the galaxy, red dwarf stars are more likely to be small, cold and in the Milky Way. The most famous red dwarf star is actually said to be just 4.3 light years away and is called Proxima Centauri.