10 Lazy People Who Are Trying The Best They Can

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Being lazy is a universal human trait. Nearly everyone wakes up on Monday morning and wonders how they can fast forward time till the weekend by just laying in bed. A lot of laziness stems from job dissatisfaction and monotony. Being demotivated makes perfect sense because the prospects ahead seem so weak. The only people who manage to do anything in life are the ones who battle laziness everyday and eventually beat it by living rich and full lives. This list includes 10 pictures of people being openly lazy and setting a bad example for the rest of us.

Pajama Party

The pajama party was supposed to stay indoors. Someone tell this lady that you are not allowed to look like that when you are mingling in society.

Lazy-Powered Lawnmower

This lawnmower isn’t powered by fuel or the sun, it is running on sheer laziness.

Too Lazy To Get Wasted

When you get so lazy that you can’t pour beer into your own mouth and your child has to do it for you, then you know you are in some serious trouble. This is the poster image for rock bottom right here folks!

Too Lazy For Stamps

In order to secure some stamps, you need to make your way all the way down to the post office. This person clearly thought it wasn’t worth the trip.

Too Lazy To Walk The Dog

Sure your dog needs some exercise, but don’t you need some too? It is called walking your dog for a reason good sir!

Too Lazy To Be A Bum

I don’t even want to know what this person is doing instead of holding up the sign himself. Frank is probably taking a nap in the dumpster nearby.

Too Lazy To Pee Properly

How long does this person intend to pee? Did he actually make the effort of dragging a chair to and from the bathroom instead of just taking a piss?

Too Lazy To Care

So what if there are some carcasses along the way? A good linesman doesn’t let anything get in the way of his job apparently.

Too Lazy To Surf

Why even get a surf board sir? Why not just use a boat if you wanted to just float on the water?

Too Lazy To Show Urgency

When you decide to take a seat while putting out a house on fire, you clearly don’t care anymore!