10 Crazy Brutal Things About Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris remains an icon and action hero to the entire world, despite the number of satirical facts and the internet memes and jokes that have been created in his honor. The man has remained a superstar, even though his film career has basically come to a conclusion. How much do people actually know about this mullet-wearing man and everything he has done? Apparently not a lot, as most things on the internet about Norris are fake stories and jokes. Here are ten crazy brutal things about Chuck Norris.


Chuck Norris did not learn all of his action movie stunts from trainers. He actually spent four years in the US Air Force before gaining fame as a martial artist.

Happy Go-Lucky

Despite his fame and image today, Norris never had a happy or exciting childhood. His father was an alcoholic that went on binges lasting for months. He was shy, un-athletic, and pretty mediocre in school.