10 Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Punishable Crime

While the government in the United States can feel as though its outwardly hostile to the gay and lesbian community from time to time, the country is largely moving in the right direction when it comes to allowing more rights to those groups that are already offered to the rest of the country. When compared to some other regions in the world, the United States is downright progressive. There are some countries where homosexuals not only have very few rights, but can actually be jailed and worse if they are caught engaging in homosexual acts. Check out our list of 10 countries where homosexuality is a punishable crime and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


This Northern African country not only jails homosexual men for up to three years for engaging in gay sex acts, but it doesn’t punish women. Somehow the hypocrisy only makes this worse.


This East African country is one of the most hostile towards gay rights in the world. Those caught engaging in homosexual acts can be jailed for 14 years to life and the country has attempted to include penalties such as the death penalty in recent years. International pushback has stopped the Ugandan government from going that far, for now.