10 Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Punishable Crime

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While the government in the United States can feel as though its outwardly hostile to the gay and lesbian community from time to time, the country is largely moving in the right direction when it comes to allowing more rights to those groups that are already offered to the rest of the country. When compared to some other regions in the world, the United States is downright progressive. There are some countries where homosexuals not only have very few rights, but can actually be jailed and worse if they are caught engaging in homosexual acts. Check out our list of 10 countries where homosexuality is a punishable crime and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


This Northern African country not only jails homosexual men for up to three years for engaging in gay sex acts, but it doesn’t punish women. Somehow the hypocrisy only makes this worse.


This East African country is one of the most hostile towards gay rights in the world. Those caught engaging in homosexual acts can be jailed for 14 years to life and the country has attempted to include penalties such as the death penalty in recent years. International pushback has stopped the Ugandan government from going that far, for now.


This country might surprise some people on the list because it’s a popular vacation spot for people all over the world. Turns out homosexuals are not welcome here as engaging in what the government calls “buggery” can land you behind bars for 10 years.


Yemen has some of the most archaic laws against homosexuality in the world. Men who engage in gay sex and are unmarried might go to prison or get whipped. If they are married, they can be stoned to death.

Women who engage in consensual homosexual acts face up to three years in jail while those who claim they were under duress can send an offender to jail for seven years.


Iran is a well known repressive regime, so it probably doesn’t shock you to see the country on this list. Kissing someone of the same sex can result in 60 lashes of the whip. If you are caught engaging in homosexual sex, you can be put to death.

Iran’s most famous instance of this is when two teenage boys were executed, despite outcry from many countries and organizations around the world asking Iran to be lenient.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE might seem like a well advanced country when you look at their cities and their economy, but men who engage in homosexual acts in the country are often put to death by beheading.


Sharia law is in effect in Nigeria and that means homosexuality is strictly outlawed. Women are given jail time and beatings while men can actually be executed on the spot.


Angola calls homosexual acts “crimes against nature” and can jail citizens caught engaging in these acts. The government also levies a heavy fine. Repeat offenders can spend time in forced labor camps.


Located in Central Asia near Afghanistan, this is another country that has a double standard when it comes to men and women engaging in homosexual acts. While women are generally seen as “ok” men can be jailed for up to a decade should they be seen kissing another man.


Tanzania has a law on the books that includes “acts against nature” and the government has used this law to jail homosexuals in its country. This isn’t a slap on the wrist either, as those who are caught violating this law can get 20 years to life.