10 Unusual Uses For Vodka Other Than Drinking It

Vodka has always been the alcoholic drink of choice for many people around the world, especially those hailing from the glorious country of Russia. The drink, when ice cold or frozen, has almost no burn, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to get drunk but aren’t a fan of the burning sensation running down the back of their throat. However, instead of simply drinking the alcoholic beverage, people have learned a lot of different, unusual uses for it in their everyday lives.

Washing Clothes

Alcohol has been known to kill bacteria, and vodka is odorless and colorless, making it perfect for cleaning clothing. Throw some in a spray bottle and spray some on your clothing before hanging them to dry.

Shinier Hair

Instead of showering in beer, simply bathe your hair in vodka. Around 50 milliliters, which is a single shot of alcohol, mixed into your shampoo bottle can stimulate hair growth, remove toxins, and put frizzy hair in control.