10 Completely True Facts That Will Shock You

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Everyone knows of a fact or two that sounds like it would be too crazy to be true, but then you do a bit more research and discover it actually is completely true, despite what may be seen at first. For example, you would be completely amazed at what you could get away with in certain countries, or how insane and incompetent many companies actually are. Despite what you might think at first, these ten facts are all completely true and should be shared with everyone! Here are ten completely true facts that sound completely fake.

English Rules the World

You’ve probably heard it said that English rules the world. Well, that is true. Over half of all scientific papers and research conducted across the world is in English.

Spice Things Up

If you’re looking to add a little more excitement into your life and spice things up, then there really is a company you can hire to simulate a kidnapping for a modest fee.

Russian Cleanliness

Believe it or not, Russians actually take cleanliness very, very seriously. In fact, the authorities will fine individuals for driving in a dirty vehicle.

Letters to God

You can actually address and send letters directly to God and the Israeli postal service will have them delivered to Jerusalem.

Musical Power

The songs and melodies that you regularly listen to will actually help determine the outlook you have on the rest of the world.

Using Money Wisely

It has been discovered that how you spend that hard-earned cash you have earned will ensure your happiness experiences are varied.


Those individuals suffering from Cotard’s Syndrome are under the impression that they are in the middle of a death-related decay, meaning they have died and are slowly melting away.

Magical Math

Math is a hated subject amongst many, but it can be quite interesting and magical. If you multiply 1089 by 9, then you will receive 9801.

Hackers Don’t Sleep

Every single day, there are individuals hacking into over 30,000 websites at any given time – day or night. It’s hard to feel safe from hackers.

Lake Hillier

Loch Ness may be quite cool for the lore behind it, but Australia’s Lake Hillier is much better. This lake is a hot pink in color and no one knows why.