10 Cheap And Creative Alternative Housing Designs

Designers, architects and engineers drive humanity forward towards new and innovative heights in housing and construction. Building the tallest of skyscrapers, creating artificial islands and designing the most exquisite and lavish of mansions, humanity has came a long way from the stone structures we used to build and live in. However, especially when it comes to housing, the truth is that the best answer may not always be in the most modern materials or the most expensive ones. The following 10 creative and cheap alternative housing ideas just go to show that there are designers, architects and engineers who manage to think outside the box and deliver us perfect housing options at an affordable price that are truly outstanding in their beauty, comfort and perfection!


While Earthships may seem more like UFOs rather than homes, the truth is that they are an innovative form of eco-friendly housing. The construction relies on recycled plastic bottles and tin cans, you can usually find as trash almost everywhere.

Wood-Pallet Homes

Designed to be an affordable solution for disaster relief housing, the Wood-pallet homes are not only eco-friendly, but can be designed to be used as a permanent house. Extremely cheap to buy and highly reusable they might as well be an amazing and modern energy-efficient home idea.