20 Reasons Anna Kendrick Should Be Your Best Friend

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There’s no denying it: Anna Kendrick is the coolest thing to happen to Hollywood since anyone can remember. Not only has she fronted some of the most successful films over the last few years but also, has proved herself again and again to be one of the funniest people out there. Her Twitter feed is currently booming and if her current Tweets are anything to go by, her life is hilarious pretty much 24/7. Anna Kendrick should be everyone’s best friend. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this.

She Doesn’t Care About Glamor

When asked if she had any advice for Oscars nominees, Anna Kendrick answered simply “don’t lose”. It’s pretty clear that the actress doesn’t buy into the whole awards ceremony hype and her plain faced advice was just what the event needed.

She Finds Humor In Everything

We have to admit that it can be pretty hard to find the bright side of everything but if you’re Anna Kendrick, everything is somehow hilarious. When taking part in last year’s bucket challenge, Anna told viewers that she stopped showering from her routine to save water.

She’s Addicted To Sweatpants

Anyone who is addicted to comfort is a good egg in our books and Anna Kendrick’s preference for the silky, cosy pants rivals the best of them. Everyone knows that sweatpants are where it’s at, anyway.

She Hates Going Out

Finally a celebrity who endorses staying in and stuffing your face. We’re getting pretty sick of the whole party scene anyway and the fact that Anna Kendrick would rather stay at home and forgo a social life seems pretty on point to us.

She’s In Love With Taco Bell

If you think that you like Taco Bell, think again. Anna Kendrick loves tacos and she likes them fast. In fact, she loves them so much that it’s starting to border on inappropriate.

She Got Drunk On TV

Anna Kendrick is clearly up for anything and for that, we salute her. During a recent TV appearance she happily accepted the host’s suggestion that she get blind drunk on TV.

She Swears At Least Once In Each Sentence

Anna Kendrick doesn’t hold back. Her Twitter feed is notorious for its hilarious and explicit content and if she has permission, she isn’t afraid of expressing herself in all sorts of colorful ways.

She Goes All Out In The Club

Raise your hand if you’re sick of girls half heartedly dancing in the club? We all know that drinking plus music equals crazy, unattractive dancing and if you’re with Anna Kendrick, you have full permission to go all out.

She Openly Loves Gin

Once the drink of rough Londoners, Anna Kendrick might be single-handedly responsible for turning the world onto gin. She would rather be drunk than sober and we really don’t have a problem with that.

She Admits Her Own Faults

Anna Kendrick is a talented singer, actress and dancer. She is also really bad at math, can’t cook and can’t do a French Braid. The actress is pretty much A-OK with all of her faults and isn’t afraid to share them with everyone.

She’s Really Humble

Anna Kendrick appeared on TV recently saying how little she knew about singing. The actress is probably making it all up as she goes along and for that, we love her. Who said modesty was dead, anyway?

She Played Egg Roulette On TV

For some unknown reason, most female stars have a problem with playing Jimmy Fallon’s egg roulette challenge. Anna Kendrick, of course, did not and when she got splattered with egg, she flaunted her eggy hair to the crowd.

She Always Pokes Fun At Herself

There’s nothing more annoying than a celebrity who takes themselves too seriously and luckily, Anna Kendrick barely thinks seriously at all.

She’s Open About Her Embarrassing Moments

The best way to react to an embarrassing moment is to laugh about it. Anna Kendrick goes one further, openly telling anyone who will listen about her most humiliating experiences. The best is when she practiced kissing a male co-star and was told that her kissing was “efficient”. How flattering.

She Doesn’t Care How Weird She Is

We all have our social selves and our normal, freaky selves and with Anna Kendrick, there is no distinction between the two. She openly admitted to her co-star that she was in love with her and proceeded to ask her out on TV, something we’ve obviously all wanted to do.

She Has Many, Many Girl Crushes

Anna Kendrick doesn’t feel the need to hide her awe of other celebrities. The fact that she got to meet Jennifer Lopez is a huge deal and the actress didn’t care who knew about it. It was J-Lo, after all.

She Doesn’t Care About The Royal Baby

Royal baby, schmoyal baby. When the rest of the world was going insane over the arrival of the royal baby, Anna Kendrick just did a little shrug. It was just a baby and to Anna, wasn’t really much to talk about.

She’s Not Into Fashion

The pressure from Hollywood to be into fashion is stifling but if you’re Anna Kendrick, you don’t really pay attention. Her poking fun at the ridiculousness of some trends is refreshing and for once, the rest of us don’t feel bad about hanging out in pajamas.

She’s Open About Hollywood

We all know that everything happens in Hollywood is fake and thankfully, Anna Kendrick has no problem calling it out. From her interviews and Tweets, it’s pretty clear that she’s just like the rest of us and for that, we want to thank her.

She Basically Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks

Other celebrities might crash and burn when asked about their underhand tactics but Anna Kendrick owns up to everything she has ever done. She openly admitted to throwing other actresses under the bus because, why lie?