10 Celebrities That Hate Being Famous

Being a celebrity isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sure, there’s the luxury of not having to worry about money and your job is to do something that is fun if you’re passionate about it. However, being famous comes at a cost, something that these actors and actresses didn’t know at the time they were becoming rising stars. All the publicity comes at a price with strangers tapping into your personal life. Here are some celebrities that have been outspoken on their hatred of being in the spotlight.

Jennifer Aniston

Tabloids going into celebrities’ love lives will be a recurring theme. That’s easily Aniston’s biggest problem with celebrity life, saying that it’s embarrassing for those kinds of magazines to exist.

Daniel Craig

Before becoming the latest James Bond, Craig was a relatively unknown movie actor in the UK. He was floored at the amount of attention he received. Film producers want him to continue playing the role, but Craig has been giving hints after the release of Spectre that he’s ready to move on.