10 Captivating Abandoned Amusement Parks In The United States

Chippewa Lake Park – Chippewa, OH

Chippewa Lake Park opened in 1878 and operated for 100 years before closing in 1978 due to low park attendance. The park remained untouched and unmaintained for nearly 30 years. In 2010, rides began being demolished, but some still remain standing, along with other structures.

Lincoln Park – Dartmouth, MA

Lincoln Park opened in 1894 as a small 20-acre attraction in Dartmouth, MA. The park continuously grew throughout the years and was beloved to many. In the 80’s, when the owners passed away, the park was sold and for the first time had an admission fee. Many famous rides were auctioned off and the park lost a bit of its charm. The park closed for good in 1987, only a year after the new owner took over. Since then, many rides have been auctioned off and ownership has changed quite a few times. Only few pieces of the original park remain.