10 Signs That You’ve Been Reincarnated At Least Once

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Not everyone believes in reincarnation, but it is the basis of many ancient religions. Reincarnation is the belief that when your current body dies your soul is reborn into another body, which could be that of a person or even an animal. There are also many theories as to why the soul is reincarnated, one being that you have unfinished business and until you solve the issue, you will continue coming back and living a new life over and over again. Kind of like a karmic punishment.

You Experience Deja Vu Often

One sign that you’ve lived a past life is that you often experience Deja Vu, that feeling that you’ve been somewhere before or been in a similar situation or conversation previously. Deja Vu is a really strange thing, and when you experience it, the thought is that maybe it’s something you said or did in a previous lifetime.

You Have Recurring Dreams or Nightmares

If you’ve ever had someone do a dream interpretation for you, you know that dreams are always trying to tell you something. It is believed that dreams work to help you figure out things from your waking life. However, a recurring dream, if it’s something that has you in a completely different life, could be your mind working through a past life you lived. Try writing down your dream and maybe get a past life regression done to find out what it means.

You Are Extremely Intuitive

Intuitive people are people that have a tendency to feel things are going to happen before they do. Such as your phone starts to ring and you know it’s your mom calling about some emergency before you even get to your phone to see who’s calling. It is believed that people with a strong intuition are old souls and have lived many lives.

You Have Some Strange Phobias

If you have a strange phobia, even though nothing of the sort has ever happened to you or anyone you know, it could be something from your past life. Maybe you have a huge fear of drowning, yet you are currently an excellent swimmer. It could be a sign that you drowned in a past life.

You Are Very Aware Of Other People’s Feelings

People that have been reincarnated, once or many times, are often more empathetic. It may have something to do with the things they’ve gone through in their previous lives. You may find that you are upset easily when people around you are upset. Or that you are easily brought out of depression when someone around you is happy.

There Are Certain People You Feel Really Connected To

They don’t have to be your family members, but you may find that some people in your life just feel like they belong there. In reincarnation it is believed that we have numerous soul mates, people who’s souls travel along with us to different lives. It is believes that our souls recognize one another in each life and are drawn together.

You’re Drawn To Certain Things With No Explanation

Whether you are drawn to a certain culture that is not in your current heritage or drawn to certain objects, this could be a sign of one of your past lives. Maybe you find the ancient Egyptian culture absolutely fashionable, but you’re of German/Irish decent. Or you are attracted to a certain Egyptian statue. This could be that in a past life you were of Egyptian decent.

Your Cognition Is Superior

Whether you have precognition or retrocognition, your ability to see the future or the past could be a sign of reincarnation. The things from the past you see could be your very own past life. This can be brought out through hypnotherapy also.

You Here Voices Or See Things That Aren’t There

If you’ve been reincarnated many times, it’s possibly that you’ll see glimpses into past worlds. Kind of like seeing a shadow out of the corner of your eye, it may not be a ghost, but instead a glimpse from a previous life. You may also hear voices or conversations sometimes, which could be thought of as ghostly, but is from the past instead.

You Often Feel Out Of Place

If you have been reincarnated you may not feel at home in your current place or time. Maybe the city you are in doesn’t feel like the city you belong in and you long to be somewhere else. Or, maybe your home itself feels out of place, too large or too small or not the right floor plan. These could all be signs of your previous home in another life.