10 Signs That You’ve Been Reincarnated At Least Once

Not everyone believes in reincarnation, but it is the basis of many ancient religions. Reincarnation is the belief that when your current body dies your soul is reborn into another body, which could be that of a person or even an animal. There are also many theories as to why the soul is reincarnated, one being that you have unfinished business and until you solve the issue, you will continue coming back and living a new life over and over again. Kind of like a karmic punishment.

You Experience Deja Vu Often

One sign that you’ve lived a past life is that you often experience Deja Vu, that feeling that you’ve been somewhere before or been in a similar situation or conversation previously. Deja Vu is a really strange thing, and when you experience it, the thought is that maybe it’s something you said or did in a previous lifetime.

You Have Recurring Dreams or Nightmares

If you’ve ever had someone do a dream interpretation for you, you know that dreams are always trying to tell you something. It is believed that dreams work to help you figure out things from your waking life. However, a recurring dream, if it’s something that has you in a completely different life, could be your mind working through a past life you lived. Try writing down your dream and maybe get a past life regression done to find out what it means.