10 Bizarre Uses For Human Skin

For some odd reason, people have been using human skin as an alternative to tanned leather for centuries. We’ve all heard of human skin being used in the binding of books, especially horror novels and in supernatural shows and movies. The practice of using real skin is known as anthropodermic bibliopegy. It is incredibly weird, just a tad gross, and a bit horrifying. It is also very popular. Here are ten uses for human skin that are simply bizarre.


During the fifteenth century, the usage of drums in warfare was quite popular amongst the Hussite military. During the march to Bohemia, a body was flayed and the skin was stretched over a drum in order to scare the enemy.


In the midst of the Reign of Terror in the eighteenth century, France was in the middle of its revolution. At the time, people would use human skin as a fashionable waistcoat. One particular tail is of Saint-Just, who executed a woman and flayed her skin.