10 Terrifying Ways You Can Be Trapped In Your Own Body

Most of us are accustomed to having control of our physical selves and usually we’re taking for granted that out brain is able to control our limbs and we can move where we want, when we want. Imagine that wasn’t the case and while you do remain conscious, you are unable to actually move an inch or communicate with the world, and in some cases even breathe on your own. Sleep paralysis isn’t the only case of getting trapped in your own body. We’ve found ten of the most terrifying ways that can happen in our list below.

Periodic Paralysis

Periodic paralysis is genetic disorders that is usually accompanied by episodes of sudden muscular paralysis. The episodes usually feature frightening attacks that happen because of malfunctions in muscle tissue. When the episode occurs, the muscles become useless and the sufferer is paralyzed from what can be minutes or hours.

Tick Paralysis

Tick paralysis is caused by a neurotoxin released by the tick which then travels to a person’s bloodstream and induces weakness of the body in mere minutes after the bite happens. The person is soon paralyzed and can even end up dead if the don’t get an antidote. Removal of the tick causes complete stopping of all symptoms and brings you back to normal.