10 Awesome Tents To Use When You Go Camping

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The best part about living in a consumer-centric world is the sheer variety of things on offer. When you go to purchase any single commodity, you literally have hundreds of options to choose from. A lot of manufacturers are trying really hard to make sure that their products are as unique as they can be. This principle holds true if you go to purchase a tent for a camping trip. There are many distinct and innovative tents for people to choose from just to make the setting a bit more off-beat. Here is a list of 10 unique tents you should consider while making your next camping trip.

Bubble Tent

This awesome tent is extremely luxurious and because it is transparent, you get a great view of your surrounding as well.

Car Cover Tent

This smart tent looks like you are in a parked car that is covered with a safety cover. This is a genius idea if you are staking out someone as well.

Get A Room

This hilarious tent has a design that makes it look like two people are making out inside a tent. It is a real gem in the gag-gift world.

Space Station Tent

Are you a fan of outer space? Make sure you feel even more connected with the universe by buying a tent that looks like the space station.

London Subway Tent

This spacious and roomy tent has an awesome design that makes it look like you are living in a subway train from London.

Sandwich Tent

It might not be the best idea to buy a tent that looks like a sandwich if you are going to a forest with lots of bears in it.

VW Tent

This classic tent looks like you are camping out in a really cool VW van, the perfect choice for the hippie in you.

Tit Tent

If you want to make all the campers around you really uncomfortable, it is a good idea to buy a tent that looks like a boob.

Hard Cover Tent

Another great idea for the exterior of a tent, this one looks like a massive book has been just left open in the woods.

Quilted Tent

For all those who want to make it look like you made your tent yourself, this quilted tent is the best buy out there.