10 Awesome Teachers You Wish You Had At School

We all had to spend many years at school applying ourselves to subjects and topics that were not very entertaining, and we’ve all had teachers we wished would quit already. However, these are some teachers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to interact with their students in the best way – by being humorous and understanding. These teachers are the best at what they do because they do it with a passion; they’re passionate about both teaching and their students. Check out these ten hilarious teachers you wished you had in school.

Texting In Class

We’ve all done it before. When the class gets to the point beyond boredom we tend to turn to our phones for entertainment. Everyone – teachers included – can tell when you are on your mobile even though we think we are making ninjas proud. This teacher hits the nail on the head with this “Start of Course” slide.

Wrong Answers

Many teachers will simply provide you with a cross made in red pen when your brain fails you at the worst possible time, but when your creativity kicks in instead, that’s when gold is created. What makes this silver lining on a dark cloud even brighter is when the teacher understands and improves upon it. This teacher has a special passion for teaching, as well as a love for humor.