10 Awesome Teachers You Wish You Had At School

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We all had to spend many years at school applying ourselves to subjects and topics that were not very entertaining, and we’ve all had teachers we wished would quit already. However, these are some teachers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to interact with their students in the best way – by being humorous and understanding. These teachers are the best at what they do because they do it with a passion; they’re passionate about both teaching and their students. Check out these ten hilarious teachers you wished you had in school.

Texting In Class

We’ve all done it before. When the class gets to the point beyond boredom we tend to turn to our phones for entertainment. Everyone – teachers included – can tell when you are on your mobile even though we think we are making ninjas proud. This teacher hits the nail on the head with this “Start of Course” slide.

Wrong Answers

Many teachers will simply provide you with a cross made in red pen when your brain fails you at the worst possible time, but when your creativity kicks in instead, that’s when gold is created. What makes this silver lining on a dark cloud even brighter is when the teacher understands and improves upon it. This teacher has a special passion for teaching, as well as a love for humor.

Study Advice

Before those big final weeks when we are all panicking, teachers always get swamped with the procrastinators looking for an easy pass. This teacher got fed up with the begging and pleading from his students the result is self evident. When nothing but elbow grease and a no BS attitude will do, this teacher is the first to give it to you straight. We all sometimes wish that these teachers instilled a sense of hard work in us earlier.

Bargaining Lessons

No matter how confident we are when we walk out of the test, we rarely see 100%. This student learns an important lesson in bargaining when he draws a “man-dolphin” in an attempt to earn extra credit when his teacher takes the bait. Not only does this student earn four bonus points for his effort, but his entire class also benefited from his creativity. Important lessons taught by forgiving are never forgotten.

Harsh Lessons

Not all harsh lessons learnt in life are as forgiving as the ones we learn in school. These senior students gets only a small taste of what leaving school will be like when his senior English teacher points out every mistake made in this letter. The letter states that they will no longer be completing any more assignments now that the “senior project is over”, but as the teacher retorts with his red pen, it seems that there is a lot left to teach – and learn – before they can graduate. Sometimes tough love is the only way to teach a harsh lesson; and this teacher understands that.


When this microbiology teacher lectures an entire lesson dressed as Darth Vader, he uses humor as a powerful tool to teach a lesson that many never learn – commitment. Whether it be for a prank or in life, commitment is as important a lesson as many will ever need to learn. With the arrival of the new Star Wars game and movie, this teacher outdoes himself by showing how passion can create greatness – or funny pictures on the internet.

Setting Priorities

When it has been a long few weeks during final exams many of us start to feel the pressure and set the wrong priorities, such as leaving an exam early to meet with friends or go to the shops. When this teacher covers the clock with an important question, it forces the students to think deeply before making the quick dash for the door. One simple message with powerful implications teach many students that setting the right priorities are sometimes harder than doing what they want, but will lead to greatness further down the track.


We have all had some rough weekends before heading to school the next day, and this student can attest to that. As he decides to fall asleep in class, instead of punishing the student, the teacher takes the humorous approach and decides to take a selfie with the sleeping student. Being understanding of personal circumstances and a great sense of humor shows the enthusiasm this teacher has for his job.

Fund Raising Ideas

When an worthy cause comes along, this school principal rolls up his sleeves and pitches in with a brilliant fund raising idea. Charging $1 for a piece of tape , the principal shows the commitment he has for his school by allowing students to stick him to the wall. This just goes to show that sometimes you have to lead from the front in order to earn respect from your students.


If all else fails sometimes the only way to earn the respect of rowdy students is through a show of force. This teacher nails it with the tears of his students bottled up in a water bottle which he then proceeds to drink through his lessons. These tears may be from harsh punishments or failed tests, but its sure to gets his students to focus on their work.