10 Of The Most Monstrous Serial Killers Ever

There is a very distinct selection of people throughout the world who think and behave completely differently from everyone else. These people have no trouble when it comes to taking the life of another human being, and they tend not to get overly emotional after committing the heinous act – or even during the process of carving someone up. These individuals, known as serial killers, have sometimes killed hundreds of victims, while others kill five or six and then get caught by the FBI or local police officers. Well, here are ten of the most monstrous serial killers to have ever lived.

The Serpent

The Serpent, otherwise known as Charles Sobhraj, was a half-Vietnamese half-Indian serial killer who was convicted for murders throughout India, Nepal, Thailand, Turkey, and Iran. He was known for stabbing tourists to death.

The S-Bahn Murderer

Paul Orgozow was a known Nazi and serial killer who stabbed and beat multiple women to death before throwing them off a train, which was always running along the S-Bahn railway line, hence the nickname he received.