10 Awesome Body Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

Our lack of physical activities, sleep deficiency, excessive stress, poor eating habits and several other factors negatively influence our health mentally as well as physically. Most people cannot change their daily habits overnight but what they can do is following easy body hacks. A body hack is a technique that helps in improving an individual’s mental or health state. It can be surprisingly effective and helpful. Here are some awesome body hacks that will make your life better.

Video Games

According to research, video games help improve pain tolerance, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, field of vision, reflexes, reasoning and memory.

Baby Wipes

You can momentarily cool a sunburn by softly patting the affected area with a baby wipe. A baby wipe can also be used to treat scrapes and cuts.

High Power Poses

If you are tense before an interview, take high power poses for a few minutes. It will improve your self-confidence and increase your testosterone levels.

Blue Light

Before you gulp down another cup of coffee or drink that Red Bull, consider a natural way to keep yourself awake at night — blue light. Researchers have discovered that blue light keeps individuals awake more than any other color.


Strawberries can be powerful teeth whiteners that contain vitamin C and an astringent. The astringent in strawberries helps remove surface stains while vitamin C helps whiten teeth by washing away plaque.


Cinnamon improves the ability of your body to control blood sugar levels and this aromatic spice also enhances brain activity. According to research, just smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive processing and cinnamon has been demonstrated to improve scores on tasks related to visual-motor speed, memory and attention.


If you are not in a good mood, place a pencil in the mouth. It will activate the muscles used for smiling, which will trick your brain into enhancing your mood.


Consuming two glasses of Gatorade can ease headache pain immediately without the uncomfortable side effects caused by conventional pain relievers.


One glass of water after getting up in the morning helps activate your internal organs, drinking prior to a meal improves your digestion and drinking prior to bed decreases the risk of a heart attack.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is not only for infants. It can be used for sensitive skin, to make hair smooth, to moisturize the skin and should be used before shaving and after shaving.