10 Aphrodisiacs To Enhance Your Love Life

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There are quite a few natural aphrodisiacs in this world that should help strengthen the bond between a husband and a wife. There are even more unnatural aphrodisiacs, too, and those include various types of medicine and enhancement pills. No one really cares about those anymore, as they tend to have negative side effects which can be avoided by using natural ones. In terms of healthy options, nothing really beats oysters or chocolate when it comes to those feelings of love. Here are ten aphrodisiacs you and your significant other should enjoy together.


Casanova, the famous lover, is said to have consumed 50 oysters every single day to prepare for sexual relations each afternoon. The oyster will release reproductive material into the waters, which tends to bring out sexual prowess in many.


The avocado is said to be a favorite for Louis XIV, who said it managed to refresh his libido on a regular basis. The fruit was said to look quite similar to that of a a testicle, though that name would not have been as appetizing.


Almonds are an increasingly popular choice for a wedding favor, especially the chocolate-covered variety. The nut is thought to give a bride good fortune for generations when consumed. In India, giving almonds to the opposite sex means a clear sexual proposition.


Pomegranate has had a long history of as an aphrodisiac, especially since its history goes back to Aphrodite, the goddess. Opening one is said to be associated with consummation of marriage.


For some odd reason, the weird habit of licking a toad is said to induce hallucinations in many people. In Chinese medicine, the substance secreted from a toad is said to enhance the duration of sex when rubbed in the right spot.

Rhino Horn

Rhino Horn is an incredibly rare substance these days, especially considering how often the animal is hunted by poachers. Their horn is said to cure colds and fevers, but also as a coming of age symbol to young men entering the world of sex.


Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac, as it releases those feel-good chemicals within the brain, just like sex. When those begin swarming your mind, sex isn’t far from the mind.


Lettuce has actually been considered an anti-aphrodisiac to some, but it is said that a man who eats it after being presented by a woman could want her far more. Others believe it makes a man impotent.

Honey And Mead

Honey has always had its credentials firmly routed in the world of aphrodisiacs. Honey and mead are said to promote a healthy body. Mead specifically lowers inhibitions on a wedding night, while honey gets the mood going internally.


Garlic breath is not sexy whatsoever, and yet it is actually a love charm for some. In the Jewish culture, garlic was often a symbol of love between a married couple.