10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Twins

Twins are defined as two children produced by the same pregnancy. They can be dizygotic, which means that they can form from two separate eggs, each fertilized by different sperm cells, or monozygotic, which means that they can form from one zygote that will then split and form two embryos. Twins are a double bundle of joy for any parent. Many people dream to have twin babies because of the intriguing and amazing things they are known for. Here are some mind-blowing facts about twins you never knew.

Different Biological Fathers

In 2009, a Texas woman named Mia Washington gave birth to twin babies with two different dads, a one in a million occurrence. In a single month, Washington released two eggs and had sex with two individuals. The woman’s two sex partners each fertilized one of the eggs, resulting in two babies with two fathers.

Different Races

While it may be difficult to believe, Remee and Kian are twins. It is the result of a one in a million combination of the genes of their parents, who are mixed race. If father and mother are mixed race, their sperm or eggs contain the genetic code for white as well as black skin and in a few cases this results in twin babies of different skin colors.