10 Animals That Stick Out Because Of Their Color

We are used to seeing animals retain a certain color or shade due to environmental and evolutionary reasons. These natural colors associated with animals work best for the breeds and help them survive in the long run. But just like how humans are born with all kinds of defects and oddities at the time of birth, there are numerous animals that tend to stick out from their particular groups due to their unique colors. Here is a list of 10 animals that have been born with distinctly different colors, making them unique and special in their own right.

Pink Dolphin

Most dolphins around the world come in shades of black, white and grey, but the Amazon river dolphins can be seen in a highly distinguished shade of pink. Dolphins are already one of the most popular and intelligent mammals in the world, but seeing them in a shade of pink makes them even more adorable.

Snowflake The Gorilla

‘Snowflake’ – the Gorilla, was a regular celebrity in the Barcelona zoo in Spain. He was a rare albino gorilla, a condition that made his fur turn entirely white. This western lowland gorilla was extremely popular around the world, making you wonder if being born with a discoloration is a gift or a curse when you are an animal.